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Dexter Tenison, MSS, CFT, FMSC and Amanda Tenison, RN, BSN, owners


My name is Dexter Tenison and my wife, Amanda and I own Fit. Firm. Feminine. I want to tell you from the get go that I AM NOT YOUR TYPICAL PERSONAL TRAINER. I have the experience of losing 100 pounds, not once, but twice in my life! And I have kept it off since 2003. I know what it's like not having "great genetics" having to work very hard to get the results I sought after. I know what it's like to work 16 hour days almost every day of the week and the stress and lack of time that is associated with the now typical Americans' workday. Amanda and I have two beautiful children, Immi and Dash who we cherish more than the world, but presents extra challenges for parents to work, get exercise in, and somehow at the end of the day prepare a healthy meal for everyone to eat. We live or have lived through the struggles that so many of our clients face. And THAT is why you have found the right place for your own fitness and weight loss transformation.

You very well may have found the most important and life-changing thing in your life. I want to encourage you to keep reading and most importantly, take action by submitting a request for a FREE SUCCESS. Session at the bottom of this page.

You may consider our credentials to be impressive when looking at them. I have a master's degree in Sports Science with highest honors, studied with Juan Carlos Santana who owns the Institute of Human Performance, ranked by Men's Health as one of the top gyms in America, mentored by Dr. Fred Hatfield, the most knowledgeable man in sports science, co-author of the's best selling book: The Wellness Code, and a regular on local news stations such as Fox 13, WMCTV 5, and ABC 24 in Memphis. Amanda graduated the top of her class for her bachelors' of science in nursing as well as work with me very closely for many years now all while being a supermom at home, training clients, and doing so much of the front office stuff. Even though we both played sports in high school (I played tennis my junior and senior year and Amanda did fencing her first two year of high school) we do not consider ourselves athletes. Rather, we are both reformed "music geeks" who both unfortunately have music degrees to back up our geek-ness (That's another story). We were even voted "Best Health Club" in 2011 and 2013 by Memphis Most (as our former Memphis Adventure Boot Camp). But, with all of that, nothing matters as much as our clients GETTING IMPRESSIVE results.

Our philosophy is simple: Move Well. Then Move Often. Many believe you must workout hours a day, starve yourself, and completely give up all the things you love. This is completely false. We discovered how to give our clients the results they sought in as little as three sessions a week with every moment being focused on the individual's needs, wants, and abilities. Mix this with the coaching we give for nutrition, the accountability of Fit. Firm. Feminine. and its members, and the support to help you every step of the way, we have found a solution that provides superior results than anything our clients have ever done before.

I have an inconvenient truth to tell you. Most "trainers" have absolutely NO IDEA what it's like to be in your shoes. They were born lean. They probably eat just about whatever they want and stay pretty lean. They just didn't know what to do with themselves after they realized their collegiate career was ending. I sat and watched a trainer at the Institute of Human Performance down two donuts and sausage biscuits from Dunkin Donuts every morning say he was going to compete in a figure competition that weekend (It isn't fair is it??). So, how are they even going to begin helping you when they have absolutely no frame of reference? Well, we do! I know what it's like being 100 pounds overweight. Amanda knows what it is like getting ready for a wedding and then working on getting off baby weight.

Finally, our clients are mostly female, who seek exactly what our name states, to become more fit and firm. We have successful women who want to look, feel, and perform their best come to us. Unlike the "average, I am using this job to get through college" personal trainer , we've been through it. We know what you are going through or we have worked with clients who have. But don't take my word for it. Read a few of our many transformed FFF members' testimonials because you will probably find your own story and struggles in one or more of their testimonials. The only difference between them and you is: THEY TOOK ACTION. We at FFF provided them the tools, support, and structure to allow them to succeed and that is exactly what we want for you. We will see you very soon in a Success Session, where you make THE DECISION that changes your life, the decision to TAKE ACTION.


We help women in Memphis achieve their strongest, fittest, healthiest bodies with step-by-step guidance to reach their personal fitness goals, and gain the kind of confidence that extends beyond training.