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Training Philosophy

Training at Fit. Firm. Feminine. centers around one thing: Movement.  Our entire program is about moving well so that we can move often. The goal of every workout is to help people move better then to layer strength, speed, endurance on top of that good movement. We have a fun and supportive community of like-minded women to make working out the best part of your day.

Our training is built on the Functional Movement Systems to individualize your program so you can maximize your movement and results. Our training begins with your FMS screening. From there we have 3 different types of workouts to fit peoples goals, schedules and lifestyle: Small Group Training, Private Training, and Whiteboard Workout. Additionally, you have the option to participate in our nutritional coaching, which is a great investment when body composition changes are a part of your goals.


FMS and Band System

Each client that comes into Fit. Firm. Feminine. is taken through an FMS screening.  This a 7 movement assessment that will help our coaches personalize each experience to your particular needs.  The FMS will let us know your strengths and weaknesses and it will help us identify any cracks in your movement foundation.  

This information helps us determine two important training variables:

  1. Find out what exercises you need to be doing and which movements we should focus on correcting due to mobility, weaknesses, or imbalances.
  2. Identify if any exercises could potentially cause more harm than good.  If pain is present, we want to rid that as quickly as possible.

During workout each client will wear colored wrist bands so the coaches can easily identify their areas of strength and weaknesses.  The bands let us know when it is OK to push and when we need to modify.  Don’t get to comfortable with those bands, though. The goal is to get rid of them.  We spend time in each Training Workout actively trying to correct imbalances to get rid of those bands.  Once a client is “cleared” of all bands they earn the coveted Black Band. :-)


SUCCESS. Fundamentals

FFF's SUCCESS. Fundamentals IS one-on-one training.

You don't read War and Peace before you learn how to read simple words do you? You shouldn't do the same with your fitness programming either. We are investing in you the one-on-one attention you need to SUCCEED not only in our program, but in figuring out YOUR fitness lifestyle. 

We take you through 6 weeks of 2X a week or 3X a week programmed, progressive, periodized, and personalized training and coaching sessions. Sessions are about 60 minutes and include all the mobility, power, strength, conditioning and core work you need to look and feel your best. If body composition is sought after (weight loss, body fat reduction, body re-composition, etc), your coach will do nutritional coaching as well. In your sessions, you’ll work to progressively develop skills and master the art of strength training, core training, and cardiovascular conditioning.

After graduation, you have the choice to continue doing one-on-one sessions or join our Group Personal Training program.


SUCCESS. Fundamentals is perfect for:

  • Anyone wanting to join our group and personal training programs (absolute beginners to former athletes)
  • Those who have tried everything and nothing seems to work for them
  • Those who have previous injuries or conditions needing that extra care and experience
  • If you know you need a smarter way to approach your fitness through great movement
  • A person who wants to make fitness a lifestyle.
  • If you need to lose fat once and for all because you are tired of yo-yo-ing.
SUCCESS. Fundamentals Times:

  • By appointment and based on times available to the coach.

Small Group Training

FFF's Small Group Training sessions are programmed, progressive, periodized, personalized training. Sessions are about 60 minutes and include all the mobility, power, strength, conditioning and core work you need to look and feel your best. You’ll work in a fun and dynamic team setting to progressively develop skills and master the art of strength training, core training, and cardiovascular conditioning.

Good fitness is a lifelong journey and should be sustainable over years and years.  We design and develop our workout cycles so they ebb and flow varying intensity, duration and complexity. Beating people up with exercises is easy, we want to keep you in the game and performing at a hight level at all times and that takes planning.  Each week builds on the week before it so when it comes time to really challenge an exercise or workout you have had an opportunity to be successful; you have to learn to swing a bat before you can play a baseball game right?  Each workout is focused on a particular goal allowing us time to coach, develop and practice. Our biggest goal is to get rid of those colored bands!  We send time each workout actively correcting problem areas uncovered by the FMS screen.


Small Group Training is perfect for:

  • Active individuals and weekend warriors who want to be able to keep up your activities into your 80s
  • Those who dream of living an active lifestyle but find their are physical barriers standing in your way
  • Anybody who hates colored bands and want to get rid of them!
  • If you know you need a smarter way to approach your fitness through great movement, Small Group Training is for you.
Small Group Training Times:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 5:30 AM, 6:30 AM, 8:00 AM
  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 4:30 PM, 5:30 PM, 6:30 PM

Whiteboard Workouts

Whiteboard Workouts are quick, effective and drop-in friendly.  You can expect a little bit of everything in each workout including mobility, stability, strength, speed, endurance and core training.  They are a very easy-to-follow and user friendly format that allow clients to go at the pace and intensity that suits their needs.  You can choose to progress through slowly or drop the hammer depending on what your body needs that day.  In the Whiteboard Workout we use your colored bracelets to make sure you are doing the progression of each exercise that fits your current needs and abilities.  The colored bands tell us exactly which exercises to modify for you so we can personalize the experience.

Whiteboard Workouts are perfect for:

  • 9-5ers or busy parents who need to get quick effective workouts in during their lunch hour or times we don't have Small Group Training
  • People who want the freedom to go at their own pace and create their own workout experience under the helpful eyes of skilled coaches
  • Those with crazy schedules that make planning or committing workouts a nightmare.
  • People who enjoy more of a work on your own type experience

Private Training

FFF’s Private Training is perfect if you’re looking for complete customization and flexibility with your program. Whether you’re looking for a permanent training solution, a handful of sessions to work on your posture or a one-off session to dial in your technique in a lift, we get fired up about drilling down and helping dedicated individuals achieve more than they ever thought possible.