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Kelly Golden


It was a dark and stormy night.  Literally.  I stepped on the scale this past January 1st and had to check behind me to see if somehow my dog had crept onto the scale with me because there was NO WAY I hit an all-time high on that horrendous weighing machine.  Then I sat down on the bathroom floor, turned the lights off and cried.  No WAY am I turning 50 looking like this.

I did a Google search because Google solves everything.  FFF popped up and I had never heard of it!  I read the reviews online and sent an email to get more info.  I received a call within the hour from Amanda and she could not have been nicer!  She set me up with a trial week.  Why a whole week and not just a class?  Because FFF wanted to make sure they are the right fit for me and I am the right fit for them.  That had me sold immediately.  No gimmicks.  No hard sales push to meet a quota number.  They are right down the street from where I work and they actually had evening classes that accommodate those of us who work full time.

I did my assessment with a coach at Fit. Firm. Feminine. and attended my first session with a group of women who are, quite honestly, A-MAZING.  The clientele of FFF is welcoming, nonjudgmental, motivating, hilarious and so supportive.  I knew I was home after the first day.  Nobody cares what you look like in spandex and a t-shirt.  They celebrate you and your milestones.  They encourage you when you are unsure of yourself.  The coaches makes sure the environment is one that makes you WANT to come back and they does it beautifully.  That means exercise AND diet.  If something is not working for you, they modify it.  They are invested in YOUR results.  It’s that simple.

Speaking of results, I started around mid-March and to date, I’ve lost 30 lbs.  And guess what?  I’VE KEPT IT OFF.  No more yo-yo diets and swinging numbers on the scale.  Slow and steady really does win the race.  I’ve still got more personal goals to hit but it’s different this time.  I’m not going into it on a wing and a prayer.  I have a real program that is delivering real results and I truly could not be happier or see myself any place else.  I turn 50 years old in July of next year and for the first time I feel confident that I will ROCK that number!

Carolyn Carlile


I came to FFF a year ago encouraged by my friend Maria.  She shared with me her experiences with the coaching at Fit. Firm. Feminine.  I met Dexter, the creator of FFF, 12 years ago and worked with him when his fitness business was very young.  I had great success in the 1 ½ years he was my trainer.  I got in the best shape I had ever been.  But 10 years of life happened and Maria reintroduced me to Dexter and to FFF.  Now after a year with Dexter and FFF, I feel like I did 10 years ago, prior to him opening Fit. Firm. Feminine.  

The initial fitness assessments and tailored approach to workouts is beyond valuable.  During my first days of one-on–one training the attention to my fitness goals and capabilities were closely observed.  Adjustments and modifications were made to tailor workouts to my strengths and weaknesses.  Moving to the group sessions is, of course, the best, especially the 6:30 AM group sessions.  We are peers and enjoy the workouts and the social aspect of group fitness training classes.  They are supportive and always encouraging.  These are drivers to class attendance.  I truly enjoy the group and their support.  

The coaches have us define attainable fitness goals.  My previous experience was to do some more weight or run or kick a bag.  But personalizing goals and defining how to get there, and complete was novel to me.  I defined my goals and achieved more than I thought I could.  I swam a mile in 32 minutes in February.  I rode my bicycle across the state of Iowa, 400 miles, in seven days in July.  Now I am looking for a pair of running shoes.

Thanks Dexter and everyone at Fit. Firm. Feminine.

Lynne Crawford


I saw ads on Facebook about Fit. Firm. Feminine. but I didn't think that I would be able to do the workouts because I was intimidated by working out with weights and I was afraid I couldn't keep up with everyone.  Previously, I walked a couple of days of week but nothing like what the workouts were like at FFF.

In December I had gained some weight over the fall and I had my son's wedding coming up in May. So, I took the plunge and I decided to give it a try. My goal was to lose 25 pounds, get stronger, and eat healthier.  Yes, I had to give up dinner and happy hour with friends, and had to get up at 5am in order to leave my office in time to attend the workouts at 4:30 PM. And I admit, it was really tough at first. I didn't know if I could do it. 

But amazingly after a few weeks, I started to become stronger, started losing weight and got into a routine. The ladies at the 4:30 group are all so nice and very supportive. 

Dexter and Matt are always there to cheer you on and help in every way to make sure you are doing everything correct. I've always had neck and back issues and that was one reason I didn't think I could do any of this, but working out at FFF has helped. I haven't had any problems at all! I am still working on push ups and burpees but as of this date I have lost 22 pounds, I feel great and surprised at what I can do!!! I still have a lot to accomplish but I really enjoy FFF and feel terrible when I miss. I love that we do something different each phase.

SheQuita Kendricks

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 11.20.06 AM

4 years ago, I decided for the first time ever to take my health serious. I found then, Memphis Adventure Boot Camp after trying several other workout groups. One of my first loves is clothes. When I started my weight loss journey 4 years ago my only goal was to be able to shop at any clothing establishment that I preferred. As I have evolved, my goals are to be able to complete a 5k (running), weigh in at 199 lbs (I was born 200 lbs), and to live an overall healthier lifestyle through nutrition and fitness.

With the help of the great coaches at FFF, I have managed to lose about 50 lbs from my heaviest weight. I have grown to enjoy great workouts, sore muscles and making sure that I am always “shoulders back, chest proud”! My greatest success is being the awesome photographer of the post workout selfies.

My favorite thing about FFF is the people. I’ve tried many places that made me feel like an inexperienced outsider. From my first day I felt welcomed, encouraged, and a part of a fitness family that highlighted my strengths and helped me overcome my weaknesses.

At one point, I would make my workouts “optional” especially if I had an EXCUSE to not come! Now my workouts are mandatory, just as is my job. I pack my gym bag at night, have midday reminders, and a really strong support system that “freaks out” when I call them at 5:30 PM because they can’t quite remember that my class starts at 6:30 PM.

Laurel Amatangelo-Whitten


I originally came to Fit. Firm. Feminine because of shared post of a shared post in my Facebook timeline. Early in February I was diagnosed with manic depression, and I was in a really bad place. I’d gained a lot of weight and overall didn’t feel very confident in myself. But I finally started taking medication, going to a  therapist etc, and they both said that I should start getting a little exercise, so when I saw the post I went ahead and scheduled a consultation for the SUCCESS Fundamentals program.

While I was really apprehensive because of my past experiences with working out (lots of failed attempts and overall just disliking it) I am so glad I signed up. My main goal has been to get strong. I joke my main goal is to bench press my husband, but really. I told my husband in the very beginning that I was learning how strong I could be emotionally, and I wanted to physically feel the same way, and not be held back or feel like I can’t do something. And in the process found a whole new drive to eat right, too. I didn’t start being focused on weight loss, but 5 months and 30 lbs later, I can see it all working.

I love the way Fit. Firm, Feminine is set up; from the appointment style class times (I’ve set appointment alerts so I never forget), to the amazingly supportive community, the super encouraging staff that keeps me going, and even the weekly weigh-ins. I feel like I found a place that works for me that I genuinely enjoy and love to make time for. From week to week I can see my progress. For the first time I actually enjoy coming to work out. Imagine that.

Sonya Ellis


My journey with FFF started with the former 'Fitness Revolution' back in July of 2014. I saw an advertisement for a 6 week challenge and needed a change in routine so I cautiously looked into it. After finally deciding that it likely was not a scam (ha) and finishing the 6 week challenge, I decided to stay on as a member and I am so happy that I did!

In my time here I have accumulated knowledge not only about fitness but also about eating and health in general. The LBD Challenge last year really helped me and gave me a kick start on my nutrition. Since then, I have also participated in the 6 month FLAG and have been building up habits and small adjustments one or two at a time. It has taken some time but I am slowly changing my life patterns. I feel so much better and have learned to tell the differences in how my body reacts to changes in food and exercise.

I love FFF because of the accountability, I love that proper form and movement are emphasized, I love that there is room for every level of fitness, and most of all I love that I am always challenged and pushed to go further!

Maria Stringfellow


My fitness journey started years ago...many gym memberships, running 1/2 marathons, 5k's and the inevitable yo-yo dieting. Until last November, I felt doomed to an unhealthy lifestyle that was beginning to cost me physical duress.

That is when I made the decision to join FFF. My sister, Sole had been going for awhile and I saw the improvements it had made on her. Fast forward to 10 months later and I can't believe my results. I haven't been this weight since I was in college! The positive reinforcement I have gotten from all the trainers and the women in my groups have helped me restructure the way I view food and exercise. The combination of nutrition and fitness that Dexter et al espouse has been just the right mix to help me. And it all happened in the nick of time - daughter's wedding is 6 weeks away! Thank you FFF!

Mallory Kenney


I first came to Fit. Firm. Feminine. in January 2013. I was getting married in 8 months and, like every bride, I wanted to tone up a little. At the time, I was working as an overnight producer for a local TV station. Anyone who has worked overnight knows the havoc it causes on your body.  Keeping weight off had become a real struggle. I bought into the "group personal training" immediately. However, I had a hard time accepting Dexter's 80% nutrition 20% exercise theory when it came to weight loss. It wasn't until that summer when I did one of his challenges that it clicked how important nutrition really was.  I lost 15 pounds that summer. I've fluctuated a little from the final number but I'm still happy with how I look today.

This past May, I found out my husband and I were expecting our first child. It never crossed my mind that I should stop working out.  I had seen other pregnant women at FFF, so I knew it was possible. But I wanted to be safe, so I told Dexter pretty early on. Workouts were normal at first, but around my 12th week things started to change. My stamina was down and my heart rate was up. Dexter had me start wearing a heart monitor so as to not overdo it.  As the weeks have passed, it’s gotten harder to do certain moves, but I’ve been determined to keep going. I’m now 23 weeks into the pregnancy and I feel great. I honestly believe this is because of the guidance from Dexter and everyone at Fit. Firm. Feminine.

Sharonda Murphy


I started at Fit. Firm. Feminine. when it was known as Fitness Revolution. I was looking for a boot camp to help me lose weight and found them online. I did the “Lose 20 lbs in 6 Weeks” challenge and succeeded.

I left after the challenge, and, a couple months later, I had gained weight again and was missing the group classes. I came back to Fit. Firm. Feminine., joined and did great with making it to my classes, but still struggled with my eating habits.

I did the “Little Black Dress” Challenge and lost 19 pounds in 6 weeks.  Then I did the “10-day Fat Loss” challenge, and the “21-day Detox” and lost 8 more pounds. Since the 21-day detox, I have continued to follow the meal plan and come to group classes. I hope to maintain my weight loss and stay consistent with making the right food choices.

My real challenge will be in the next few weeks when school starts. I will have to make sure I make time to meal prep and cook healthy meals and make it to all of my group exercise classes. I love coming to Fit. Firm. Feminine. because the workouts are challenging and I enjoy working with Dexter, David, and Amanda. Working out alone gets boring and it’s easy to find an excuse not to do it. The accountability I receive from Fit. Firm. Feminine. really helps to keep me on the right track.

Jenny Miller

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 5.48.55 PM

I joined Fit, Firm, and Feminine in May of 2015. My co-worker was a member and she talked me into doing a fitness challenge they were having. Even though I was a member at another gym, I was rarely going and having a hard time keeping myself motivated.

I had gained weight during my residency that I was struggling to lose, and I had gotten out of the habit of exercising. I was ready to make a change. So, I tried the challenge and ended up really enjoying it. I loved the group training setting and having people around me to motivate me. It also helped that my friend from work kept me accountable on days I really didn't want to go.

I started to see results quickly during the initial challenge. I had more energy and felt good. My clothes started to fit better. I was sleeping better. After the challenge, I decided that this was a lifestyle change I wanted to make. I have continued to see results over the past year. I still struggle with my eating habits and still have weight to lose, but after a year of group training, I am thinner, stronger, and more confident than I was when I started. My body fat percentage is down, and I am definitely more toned.

This is the first workout regimen I have ever been able to stick with long term. I am grateful for Dexter and David for their continuous motivation and support, as well as to the girls in my class who make it fun to workout and keep me motivated. I am honored to be Client of the Month and look forward to continuing my journey with everyone.

Lisa Brown

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 5.43.32 PM

I came to FFF in August of 2014. I had heard about FFF (previously Fitness Revolution) from some of my friends' posts on Facebook. It peaked my interest but honestly, I was really fearful of group exercise and putting myself out there to do something new. It took about a month, but I finally got the courage from my friend to convince me to make an appointment with Dexter and Amanda. Being where I am currently in m fitness, health, and positive outlook took a great deal of effort but here I am and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made!

I felt horrible, my blood work was awful, stomach issues, back pain, depressed, uncontrollable eating, headaches, no energy...the list could go on! I wanted to feel better, focus on health, and yes lose weight but my main goal was to be strong and healthy!

From day one Dexter and Amanda helped me set goals which evolved as I evolved. So far, I've lost 2 sizes, 20 pounds, and 11% body fat. My ultimate goal is to be a medium....size 10 but I'll take an 8 if I get there! I feel like that's a realistic place that I can maintain, be healthy and cheat a little!

I've had some ups and downs, injuries here and there but Dexter and ALL my wondering FFF family kept me going! I have more energy, strength, mobility! My aches and pains are gone (for the most part;-) I have a better understanding of food and nutrition. I'm healthy. My blood work is the best it's been in years and I feel so good and confident!

There's so much to appreciate about FFF but the best part for me is the "family" I have now. I've met some of the most wonderful women (and some guys ;-)) who are strong and encouraging and aren't afraid to get after me! They've become wonderful friends I treasure! It ain't always easy to get out of bed, but once I get through the doors into the sea of pink and see my tribe I know it's all worth it! Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart!

Debbie Parker

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 5.33.56 PM

After my youngest offspring (Nora) was off to college, I decided to make time for me. In my youth and BC (before children), I was an active person who played softball, racquet ball, and eventually started running my 1.5 miles in the mornings. When my girls were born, my life centered around my family and work. Over the next 20+ years, I grew overweight and out of shape. Getting up off the floor was a challenge.

I started working out with Dexter 4 years ago. I tried a Groupon with another facility and decided that there may be a better fit somewhere else. I had seen Dexter’s classes (then called Memphis Adventure Bootcamp) online and decided to give it a try. At first, I went only to gain strength and feel better. I was not really interested in losing weight. I started feeling better, had more energy, and toned up enough to drop a dress size. I still couldn’t keep up with the younger crew. But, I did what I could, pushing myself a little more every time.

The next year, I competed in my first challenge and won! I tell everyone that I found my abs, but just didn’t know what to do with them yet. Still not committed to a lifestyle change in eating responsibly, I did not lose any more weight. I won the second challenge that I entered the next year and decided that I wanted more results. I was committed to working out and eating responsibly. As the pounds started coming off, I gained more mobility and flexibility. I was maintaining the weight loss but not making much progress. So, I took the “20 pounds in 6 weeks” Challenge. Extra incentive was the trip to Vegas (and the upcoming wedding of my daughter, Erin). I lost 20 pounds (exactly) and won the trip to Vegas! I have reduced my medications, lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol, and have a lot more energy and strength. Oh, I forgot to mention the 40 pounds I have lost!

I love the group personal training sessions at Fit. Firm. Feminine. and the people I meet. It is good to have friends working towards the same goal—being a better you. The 5:30 am crew is the best! Sharing ideas; encouraging each other. I would never be able to do what I have accomplished at home by myself, or even at a gym. The classes and challenges provide a level of accountability that motivates me to meet my goals. Speaking of goals, I had told Dexter when I began my 20 in 6 Challenge, that I probably would not want to lose anymore than the 20 pounds. Well, I may need to take that back. I plan on losing another 20- but that will have to wait until after the wedding.

Dexter and the FFF staff have provided the opportunity to improve myself and the motivation to keep going. I am 61 years old and feel better than I did in my forties. Thank you, Fit. Firm. Feminine!

Alicia Butler


If you had told me five years ago I would be dropping 6 pants sizes from where I was, I would've asked you how many body parts did I have amputated. If you then told me I would one day be leading exercise classes, I would've said now you're really talking crazy! While I've never been skinny, it wasn't until my senior year of college that I really started gaining weight.

I had just assumed I was going to be a heavy-set person the rest of my life, like most of my family. But when my 40th birthday started approaching, I wanted to make a change, but not sure what. I had been doing wii fit at home, but wasn't consistent. When a friend doing this and then I saw a opportunity to join, I asked her about it and she said it would be great for me.

My original goals when I started were to develop better eating habits and lose a few pounds. Now, my goals are to continue those good eating habits and maintain my weight. Of course, I would like to lose a little more around my tummy; the universal wish of most every woman! I also would like to increase strength, especially upper body.

3 1/2 years later I am amazed how my body has changed. Stronger and leaner, more stamina, more energy. It's been a great journey of changing how I look at exercise and nutrition. Not just a temporary change, but a lifestyle change. I thank everyone at Fit. Firm. Feminine. and all the clients for their guidance, instruction, support, and encouragement. I never could've done this without y'all!!

LeAnn Drewry

The year I was turning 40 I signed up with a personal trainer. I was at my heaviest of 170 lbs and I had come to the realization that I must have someone hold me accountable.

After training with the same trainer for over a year, he became unreliable and flaky so I stopped going to him. At that point, I was 142lbs and in the best shape I had ever been. I thought to myself, "I can do this on my own. I know how to train and I know how to eat." So, I signed back up with a chain gym and started working out by myself.

Over time, I began to slack and there was no one hounding me to get back into the gym. Needless to say, I started gaining weight back. Before I allowed myself to gain all the weight I had lost back, I came across a groupon for MABC and the rest is history. I celebrated my 3rd anniversary with what is now Fit. Firm. Feminine. in 2015.

I've taken off the pounds gained when I wasn't with a trainer. I've made my workouts a recurring calendar event without much deviation. Most importantly, I make time to exercise because I don't want to get a no-show call from Dexter! (ha) Honestly, I remind myself how improved my overall well-being is when I'm exercising.

My favorite thing about Fit. Firm. Feminine. is the location and schedule, the multi-level workouts which have a good balance of strength and cardio with a focus on proper form, and the sense of community.

Christie Willumsen

Christie W

I had been a member of another gym which provided a good workout but not the community I was looking for. While it was good it did not provide the personalized program that I receive at FFF.

My goals are to stay healthy and mobile for a long time. I want to continue to challenge myself mentally and physically and I believe Dexter provides a place to do that.

During the last challenge I lost 12 lb. and 3% body fat. I feel stronger at 41 than I have any other time in my life. For me the morning is the best time to exercise. There are less possibilities of my schedule being interrupted. I have had to make it a part of my lifestyle. It is not something I can do or not do. I just feel bad when I don't exercise.

Sheila Siegal

Fit Firm Feminine S Seigal

I started with Fit. Firm. Feminine. (what was then Memphis Adventure Boot Camp and then Fitness Revolution) 3 years ago.  Prior to this I had attended another boot camp for about a year. Not being a person who easily deals with change, I stepped out of my comfort zone and began at MABC because the previous camp closed.  During this time I was only running for exercise but not really gaining any muscle.  As the "mature" age began to creep up on me it was time to concentrate on building & maintaining muscle.  Boot camp was fun & I enjoyed my work out buddies.  As the name has changed, Dexter & Amanda have evolved their program, and  with their help, I've also changed my lifestyle.

I love to cook & eat, most of which was not very healthy! So I had trouble buying into the "nutrition" aspect because I felt that I was in pretty good shape.  But this past fall I participated in the Little Black Dress Challenge after watching the changes in others in my group.  To my surprise I lost 10 lbs. & 5% body fat.  And best of all I feel great & actually enjoy healthy foods!!

Fit Firm Feminine meets every aspect of a healthy lifestyle.  Dexter has the knowledge, desire, adaptability & patience to guide each & every client to reach their goals.  The workouts are hard but sharing them with great friends who share in each other's successes, big & small, & hold each other accountable makes FFF the perfect place to achieve your fitness goals.

I plan on continuing healthy eating, building muscle, progressing through the FitRanx & most of all being a "hot grandma"!

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith
I fell out of the habit of taking care of myself - exercise, healthy eating - I lost motivation. The longer I avoided getting back into taking care of my body the harder it was to "just do it". One day I came across a post from Rachel Gasser about then, Fitness Revolution, and a fitness challenge. Looking back it was not really the prize that enticed me but the opportunity to get back into fitness. Oh boy did I feel worn out, embarrassed, and challenged within that first week. However I was strongly encouraged by the desire within to complete this challenge and it felt good! I soon realized that I had found harmony - excellent instructions, purposeful guidance, and sincere accountability. It became easier and easier to make workouts a priority. I connect with being taught what to do, encouraged to do it, and confident to do it more. During my initial challenge I did not lose as much weight as I thought I would however I lost body fat - I learned to embrace how I felt more than what the scale told me. I have learned a lot about nutrition and balance - I never thought I could live without certain foods but I proved to myself I could and have stuck with the changes I made. I have lost close to 15 pounds and 10 % body fat. I want to continue being challenged - I never thought I could run a mile or do 10 push-ups - I look forward to what I find myself able to do next. I have developed some great friendships and look forward to getting to know everyone even more. The best part about this experience is that Fit. Firm. Feminine. has brought me to place where I feel guilty when I miss a workout - I actually look forward to my workouts and make them a priority. My success is largely due to having an incredible trainer - I appreciate Dexter for his energy, dedication to teaching the right way to do something, and incorporating fitness into life!

Laura Bahorich


My fitness journey a little different from most is that the coaches at Fit. Firm. Feminine. actually taught me how to exercise LESS. I remember the exact moment that I submitted the online form- I was staring at my computer screen feeling completely frustrated with the 'payoff' I was receiving from my current nutrition and exercise regime. I had just completed a marathon. So why wasn't I thin yet?? I had been health-conscious for over 15 years at that point, fluctuating between too thin and too heavy but never truly happy. I spent almost 2 hours a day, 7 days a week, at the gym. Mostly I would run on the treadmill and do 5 to 10 minutes of abs and light free weights at the end. I was a vegetarian that lived largely off of fruit, tofu, and calorie-free soft drinks. I was not overweight, but I also wasn't toned, confident, or satisfied. And I decided it was time for a change.

Since starting at Fit. Firm. Feminine., my biggest challenge has been accepting that the value of a work-out is not equal to its length. Dexter would say "more work is not better", which to me means balancing efficient exercise with proper nutrition. I don't miss my 90-minute treadmill runs, especially now that I'm not trying to run off bad nutrition from the day before. FFF has shifted my focus to high intensity cardio as well as "forced" me into lifting, first begrudgingly, and now happily at twice weekly Babes. Barbells. Like many women, I was worried that lifting would add more bulk than I wanted. Instead the opposite has happened. In building muscle through lifting, I'm starting to achieve the tone and definition I've been seeking for years. Although my overall weight has not changed on the scale, I've lost body fat, my clothes fit more comfortably, and I feel more confident. And the improved strength is pretty nice too! Somewhere in the bin of free weights at the East Memphis studio is the pair of 8-pounders that I started with 2 years ago. Now I can deadlift over 200 pounds, Turkish get-up with 40, and bench press 100!

This year, I've turned 30 and am getting married, and I can honestly say that FFF is allowing me to approach those milestones with more self-confidence and less stress than I could otherwise. I appreciate that Dexter helps push me to my fullest fitness potential, and I look forward to ongoing improvements in my strength, flexibility, and body fat. For me, fitness has always been a lifestyle and part of my daily routine, and working out with familiar, friendly faces has made that routine a pleasure to keep. In fact, I enjoy my 5:30 am crew so much that I attend sessions even on my days off when I could be sleeping in! I can't say enough about how FFF's training mentality accommodates such a wide range of fitness levels in a comfortable, non-competitive environment. I cannot believe the improvement in my strength, appearance, and confidence over the past year and look forward to what the future holds!

Leigh Baker

Leigh-Baker11 all started with the idea of improving my appearance by dropping a few pounds with diet and exercise and over the course of two years has turned into an obsession with what I ate, how much I slept, what type of exercise I would engage in, and how I would de-stress my life. Let’s just say that, when it comes to my outlook on fitness and nutrition, I’ve come a long way, baby!

The coaches at Fit. Firm. Feminine. have played a huge part in sending me down the right path with ‘proper’ diet and ‘correct’ exercise. I emphasize ‘proper’ and ‘correct’ because just any old diet (aka dieting) and ordinary exercise (such as treadmill walking) just won’t cut pass the muster if you are truly looking to change your life.

I’ve come to realize that while improving my outward appearance I’ve strengthened my inner being as well! In the process of losing weight, improving my sanity at work, and gaining strength & endurance, my health has improved significantly as well. My doctor recently reduced my blood pressure meds and reported that my cholesterol numbers were now within acceptable levels, so no new meds needed for that! Yay! In the past two years, I’ve lost 33 lbs and dropped from a size 14 to a size 8. Another yay!!

I’ve always been a firm believer that, ‘if something ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. But, sometimes, we may not know it’s broke until we try something different…something ‘out of the box’ even! I think Fit. Firm. Feminine. is my ‘out of box’ fitness regime for life!

Meghan McDevitt-Murphy


When I first begin at Fit. Firm. Feminine., I really didn’t think it would transform my life the way it has. After my second child was born in 2011, I knew I needed to lose weight (again!) and this time I wanted it to be for good. I went back to the eating plan that had worked well for me in the past (in my 20’s), but the weight was coming off very slowly. I was running regularly and occasionally doing resistance training and Pilates. Over the course of about a year and a half, I had only lost about 20 lbs and was feeling pretty frustrated and discouraged. I figured that at age 37, I’d hit the point where my metabolism had just slowed down and losing weight was going to be near impossible. I thought “boot camp” might rev up my metabolism and give me some workout ideas. Well after about the second workout, I was hooked. It was somehow both harder and more fun than any exercise had been in about 20 years. I lost a few pounds over that trial month, my clothes got a noticeably looser, and I got stronger. I knew that I needed to figure out how to budget the time and money required to make “boot camp” (and now Fit. Firm. Feminine.) part of my life – it was exactly what I needed to get healthy and fit.

Since I joined Fit. Firm. Feminine., I’ve lost about 35 lbs and dropped 2-3 clothing sizes. I also have run my fastest 5k time ever! I feel confident and strong. This year has changed my whole outlook on myself and what I can do. The support at FFF from the professionals as well as the other members gave me the confidence to make some really difficult changes and I am really seeing results!

Adrianne Sumrall

I came to Fit. Firm. Feminine. because I was tired of the standard gym. Tired of no accountability and no individualized attention to my fitness needs. I hit a plateau and wanted more.
Since joining, I have become in the best shape of my life. I have more muscle definition and strength improvements and have also improved flexibility issues caused by running.
My favorite thing about Fit. Firm. Feminine. is the accountability and friendships made. I stick to my program by setting aside time first, before anything else in my calendar, which keeps me from scheduling anything else. Exercise gives me energy to accomplish more during the day so I consider it #1 priority.

Emily Balton

In the summer of 2011, I decided to make one of the most profound changes of my life. My aunt, Terry Balton, had recently joined a new fitness program and was telling our family how fantastic it was. When she first described it to me,  I was intimidated. Terry reassured me that while they were challenging, the program was set up to accommodate all levels of experience. For me, that meant starting out with very minimal familiarity with all things fitness and nutrition. I soon came to find a wealth of knowledge and expertise that Amanda and Dexter Tenison were eager to share with their clients. I didn’t expect lifestyle changes to come over night—my main goal walking into this was to rearrange my life in order to promote health and happiness.

The most fantastic part of this entire process was the simplicity of change once you are willing to take the first steps toward it. With the guidance of exceptional trainers at Fit. Firm. Feminine., I have gained new perspectives on maintaining a lifestyle that is dedicated to the pursuit of good health. The goal here is to confront issues regarding fitness and nutrition in an honest and realistic fashion that anyone can benefit from. With that comes proper education regarding each fundamental part of leading healthy lives. The realistic, educated approach offered by this program is so welcoming to those seeking guidance and support. Members of each class become a network of support that functions as a way to inspire one another to aspire to their full potential. It becomes a group effort with a collective goal and camaraderie, and helps to maintain a sense of accountability.

As a result of these things, you are left with a fitness program that facilitates the creation of healthy bodies and minds alike. It is a haven for people to go to when they are ready to make positive changes in their lives. It’s a change I will forever be thankful to have made, because without the help of those at Fit. Firm. Feminine.—I would still be stumbling in the dark. THANKS to everyone who has supported me throughout my journey so far, I am excited to see where it continues to take me!

Helen Sable


In 2010, I heard about Dexter and what was then Adventure Boot Camp from another parent at my kid’s school. Dexter donated a month of bootcamp to our kid’s school auction which I bid on and won.  I saw results pretty quickly, especially in terms of my energy level. I was losing weight even though I wasn’t really watching my diet as closely as I should have been.  After about 6 months, I thought I could continue on my own so I left. I was wrong. It wasn’t long before I gained back the weight I lost.

Around mid-2013, I was in the early stages of the tenure and promotion process at work. I had worked my tail off for many years and the outcome of the process looked favorable. I remember my boss asking me what I would do different, once I got tenure. I thought for a minute and I think I surprised him when I said “I am going to take better care of myself.”  I called Dexter the next day, and asked if I could come back. It was time as my blood pressure was high, I felt lousy, and my lifestyle needed an overhaul.

Fit. Firm. Feminine. has given me so much including stamina, great friends, much-needed stress relief, a better nutritional plan, accountability, and a desire to take better care of myself (my blood pressure is NORMAL!!!).  I am currently striving for balance in my life, and Fitness Revolution has helped me get closer. I have found making exercise a priority helps me attain a better balance because I am happier, healthier, and more productive.

The journey has not been without its challenges. Bouts with plantar fasciitis, a diagnosis of patellar femoral syndrome, and a recent diagnosis of a torn rotator cuff (surgery =New Year’s Eve!), have provided unforeseen roadblocks. However, I have learned I can power through with help from the right people.  I am grateful to Dexter for making modifications to keep me going! Lastly, I need to give a special “WOO-HOO” to my 5:30 am and 8:00 am peeps who are fun and inspire me day after day!

Cecile Leggett

At that time I was searching for somewhere to just start exercising again. Previously I had been walking in the neighborhood as my main mode of exercise and two years prior to starting at Fit. Firm. Feminine., I was working out with a personal trainer. She was wonderful and a great friend, but I never really pushed myself very hard to get stronger or more fit. My personal trainer moved to California and I basically quit exercising for a year, until my friend, Kate told me about what was then Memphis Adventure Boot Camp. I had never been in a class to exercise and was a little intimidated to start.

Once in sessions, I found it to be one of the most encouraging experiences I have ever had. Dexter, Amanda, and many of the members encouraged me to just keep trying and do my best. I remember after the first week I was so sore; it was challenging to stand, sit, walk, talk. For over a year after starting, I refused to change the way I ate so my overall results really improved when I relented and chose to eat in a healthy way. After going to bootcamp for just a short while, my competitive spirit kicked in. I wanted to improve and challenge myself to do better each step along the way.

From Group Personal Training and Babes and Barbells, I have more muscle than ever before in my life. I was a skinny, weak kid. As an adult, the most muscle I had was from carrying my children around when they were small. My brother, Alex is a potter and he has come to the Pink Palace Crafts Fair each year that we have lived in Memphis. I help him set up and break down for the show. Since being a member of FFF, I was able to help carry the large wooden crates of pottery and after starting Babes and Barbells, my brother has commented that I grunt far less when  lifting the heavy pottery laden crates. (lovely image huh?) Thanks to FFF, I now really know what I should be eating. Before, my diet consisted of mostly processed foods. Currently I eat in a much healthier way. This is not to say that I make great choices all of the time, but overall my diet is so much better. Processed foods are now the minority of what I eat, Yay!! Because of my new habits, my family sometimes chooses to eat healthier too. Double yay!!!

I cannot name only one thing! I have many favorite things. So here is a small list of my favorite things:

1) The encouragement and accountability from Dexter, Amanda, and friends at FFF.
2) Dexter really cares about us (his clients) and us reaching our goals
3) My children now exercise at FFF with me! This time is precious to me!!!
The way I feel now-healthy and fit. I have learned that this is not an end point, but one that continues, so I must continue making good choices for myself. Continuing to exercise at my favorite place, Fit. Firm. Feminine. with my favorite people and continuing to make more healthy food choices than non-healthy ones.

I am incredibly blessed and thankful for Fit. Firm. Feminine., Dexter, Amanda, and my fellow FFF members. Thank you to all of you for enriching my life!

Terry Balton

From the January 20, 2014, Commercial Appeal
As Terry Balton reached her 50s, she noticed the weight piling on. When she saw a Groupon for fitness classes at Fit. Firm. Feminine. three years ago, she thought, "Why not?"

"I can do anything for a month," Balton, now 56, said. "I was mentally ready for it." She used up her Groupon and was also mentally ready to join. "I have been here ever since," Balton said. Balton attended fitness classes three times a week, and six months into her membership, she signed up for the 30-day nutritional challenge.

"(Owner) Dexter (Tenison) would just give us the guidelines on what is best for you. He encouraged us to eat more Paleo style, more meats and vegetables, organic, and not the stuff you get in processed foods. Just clean eating," Balton said. From there she learned how to eat more properly.

Eventually, she picked up a weight lifting class once a week, and before she knew it, other women in the classes encouraged her to join Women Run/Walk Memphis. and Balton found herself preparing for a 5K. That year she completed four races. "I really enjoyed it. The people are fun around here," she said.

Her arthritic knee gave her so much trouble that she went to the doctor. "He told me I was too old and to quit exercising," Balton said. "That made me more determined than ever." She found the right doctor, who started giving her injections, which kept her from being sidelined. "I can't do what a 20-year-old can do, but I CAN DO," she said. "It hasn't slowed me down where I want to quit."

Over the course of two years, Balton dropped six pants sizes and lost a number of inches. "I noticed the different way my clothes started fitting. That definitely encouraged me to do more," she said. "It was slow. It's not a quick fix. When it's gradual, it says off better."

While she had to put aside her love for 5Ks, she hasn't given up completely. "I haven't been able to run, but Dr. (Laura) Lendermon is hoping I will run again," she said. "The good thing about Dexter is he knows what I can and can't do. He gives me a proper level that is best for me and my body," Balton said. "I'm joining for the rest of my life. It's a journey, but it's a good journey."

Brandy Hough

Brandy Hough
Let me start by saying how much I love Fit. Firm. Feminine. Dexter, Amanda and all the members are great!
I started attending sessions in April 2012. If you had told me then I would still be coming in 2016, I would not have believed you. But I am! In 2011, I decide it was time to get serious about my fitness and nutrition. I had reached my heaviest weight and was very unhealthy. My nutrition was horrible and exercise. What exercise? I had not exercised regularly in years. I was on a mission! I tried several different types of fitness classes. Then I stumbled upon a discount deal for Memphis Adventure Boot Camp (now Fit. Firm. Feminine). Boot camp classes were way out of my comfort zone. I talked to my sister who had co-workers that had attended the boot camp class and she eventually convinced me to sign up and try it out. After meeting with Dexter, I knew this was different from any of the other classes I had attended. During our meeting he took my measurements and asked me several in-depth questions about my health and fitness goals. Dexter and Amanda really care about their client’s overall long term success. My sessions were very challenging since I had not workout consistently in years.  I remember after sessions being super sore to the point where it was difficult to walk, stand or sit the next day. Dexter, Amanda, the members in the class all encourage me to do my best. After the first month and the end of my discount deal, I decided to continue my membership.
When I started in April I weighed 177 lb. I attended 3-4 sessions a week and followed Dexter’s nutritional guidelines and lost 45 lb. within in the year. With this success, I wanted to continue to improve and challenge myself. I participate in strength training sessions to work on gaining more muscle. I also participate in Dexter’s challenges to work on nutrition. My goal is to continue to prefect my nutrition and maintain weight loss.
My favorite thing about Fit. Firm. Feminine. is EVERYTHING. Here are some of my top favorite things:
  • Dexter and Amanda really care about their client’s overall success.
  • Accountability/Support System – Dexter, Amanda, and all members help each other out and hold everyone accountable.
  • The Members – Dexter and Amanda’s clients are welcoming and supportive. A lot of the members have become really good friends both inside and outside sessions.
I’m thankful to be apart of Fit. Firm. Feminine. Thank you Dexter, Amanda and my FFF Family for all your support.


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